Meditation and Prescience.

Claude Monet, Weeping Willow, 1918.

(The following is an account of a yoga nidra meditation session which I took part in on 1 Aug 2018.)

The yoga teacher asked us to begin by visualising a series of common images: calm water, a sun rising, blue and yellow clouds, a sun setting. She said these images were meant to raise issues that we might be repressing within our subconscious. She then asked us to visualise the following images: a willow tree, a temple bell, a crucifix on a church, a monk sitting, a big dog, the buddha meditating, a compassionate Jesus. As she mentioned these images, I experienced a sense of deja vu. Some of these images, such as the willow tree, the monk sitting and the dog (i.e. a wolf), appeared prominently in the visions I had earlier in the year (A Vision Experienced While Meditating.) and (Further Visions During Meditation.).

The similarities between the images in my visions and those described by the yoga teacher during this meditation session are too specific for them to be purely coincidental. As a consequence, I believe my visions were partially prescient. The insight I gained from this yoga nidra session also confirms more firmly in my mind that the monk who appeared in my earlier visions, with the yellow inverted triangle on his forehead and wearing the white robes, was indeed my inner guru.

The purpose of yoga nidra meditation is to gain a clear and focused mind by removing emotional barriers accrued from either this life or a past one. Through the rotation of the consciousness through the body and the visualisation of certain common and archetypal images, fears and traumas are raised from the subconscious mind to the conscious mind so that they can be confronted and discarded. Although the purpose of yoga nidra is not to develop spiritual or psychic abilities, from my experience, this can be an outcome. Practicing this meditation technique can help the mind to access latent siddhi abilities, such as prescience and pranic sight, and enhance those abilities.

For further information about yoga nidra meditation refer to: Swami Satyananda Saraswati, Yoga Nidra, Yoga Publications Trust, 2017, Munger, India.


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