A Red Petal

A red petal Fell from a rose Above my head It fell alone   Brushing my cheek A tear was drawn To accompany the petal In its fall   The two were taken By the wind Rising they kissed And became one again   Tear comforted And absorbed Embraced by the petal's Delicate form  ... Continue Reading →

Vision of a Waterfall during Meditation.

Millaa Millaa Falls, Queensland, Australia (I had the following vision while meditating at yoga class on Wednesday 22nd October 2019.) The yoga teacher asked us to visualise a peaceful clearing in a forest. As I began to visualise this, I saw a lake in a forest surrounded by trees. On the left side of the... Continue Reading →

The Prophets III.

'The Ascent of Muhammad to Heaven (Miraj)', by Sultan Muhammad, created 1539-1543. Carefully read God’s Message in the words of the prophets. It shall strengthen and purify your mind by directing your thoughts towards virtue and away from vice. It shall direct you towards the straight path. Close your ears to the words of false... Continue Reading →

The Prophets II.

Buddha Meditating Pity those who refuse to learn from their mistakes. Pity those who close their ears and eyes to the truth. May they one day understand. God is compassionate and patient. He waits for us to learn. And so He continues to send His prophets. God has tailored each prophet’s words to the ears... Continue Reading →

The Prophets I.

Christ in the Wilderness, Ivan Kramskoy, 1872. The prophets are God’s messengers. Many of us cannot hear the voice of our souls nor see God’s signs. So God sends His prophets to remind us of our purpose, to teach us of virtue and vice, and to guide us to the straight path. He sends His... Continue Reading →

Tests III.

Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu, Indigenous Artist (Born 22 Jan 1971, died 25 Jul 2017). God demands that we learn and explore the universe. The sources of suffering are multitude, but nothing should deny the mind from learning and the body from acting while the body still lives. If you lose an arm then you still have... Continue Reading →

Tests II.

Gandhi on the Salt March 1930. God’s tests are gifts. They take many forms: success and failure, wealth and poverty, fame and persecution, loyalty and betrayal, birth and death. He tests the mind and the body in this way to strengthen them and prepare them for greater tests to come. The wise see a gift... Continue Reading →

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