Further Visions During Meditation.

Manaku of Guler ‘The Golden Cosmic Egg – Hiranyagarbha’ c. 1740.


(I wrote this post several months ago  but I haven’t had a chance to publish it on the blog until now. It is an account of a yoga nidra meditation session I participated in on 20th June 2018.) 

My yoga teacher asked the class to imagine a golden door and then open it. The door opened into a dark passage, which ended at a room. In the room, my yoga teacher asked us to imagine a golden egg (this symbol is associated with Hiranyagarbha  – the golden egg or womb which according to Vedic tradition, and some other Hindu traditions, is the source of all creation). Yet I didn’t see a golden egg, but instead the white monk with the glowing yellow inverted triangle on his forehead whom I had seen during previous meditation sessions (see Another Vision While Meditating.) The monk beckoned me into the room and gave me a cup of tea. He then started moving his arms and hands in various motions, but I didn’t understand what he was doing.

At this point, I heard my yoga teacher ask us to imagine a field of grass. The monk waved good bye to me  and I imagined myself walking through a field of grass. My yoga teacher then asked us to imagine ourselves walking towards a well in the middle of the field. As I walked towards the well, I saw a wolf run towards me from the edge of the field. It appeared friendly rather than threatening. It met me at the well. My yoga teacher asked us to visualise ourselves descending down into the well, and when we reached the bottom, to see another passage. I did this. I followed the passage and it opened into the same room where I had previously seen the white monk. The monk was still there.

The monk stood and smiled at me. He began to move his arms and hands in large gestures. I realised that he was tracing the shape of a large inverted triangle in front of himself, which was almost his own size. Suddenly where his hands moved in the air, golden lines appeared. The inverted golden triangle filled my vision. I was in the triangle. The monk then touched my forehead, in between my eye brows at the position of my ajna chakra, and I was engulfed by the triangle.

At this moment, my yoga teacher directed us to leave the room, return down the passage, up the well and back to the field. I did this  and returned to the field next to the opening of the well. The wolf was still there and the monk stood beside me as well. I felt myself lift off of the ground and then I flew in the air and over a landscape of rolling fields. Beside me flew the monk and also, weirdly, the wolf.

My yoga teacher then asked everyone in the class to sit up in a simple crossed legged position and meditate on our navel, heart, throat and eyebrow chakras. When I concentrated on manipura (navel) chakra, I saw a spinning circle of energy. When I concentrated on anahata (heart) chakra, I saw and felt a globe which expanded bigger than my body. When I concentrated on vishuddhi (throat) chakra, I saw lines of vertical stars. Finally I concentrated upon ajna chakra (on my forehead) and I saw an intense golden inverted triangle of light. The triangle of light then extended from my forehead forwards. It was a spotlight shining into the universe. My vision followed the shaft of light into the distance. I felt myself go into a deeper trance as I looked out. My head felt heavy and stiff and I felt myself lose contact with it. At that point my yoga teacher asked us to end the meditation.

From what I saw during this meditation session, I have learned more about the meaning of the white monk. A couple of weeks before this session, my yoga teacher had spoken about gurus and spiritual guides. She said that a seeker finds their guru when they are ready to progress further spiritually, and that the purpose of a guru is to help a seeker to find their inner guru who guides the seeker to enlightenment. I believe now that the white monk, whom I have seen in the visions I have experienced while meditating, is my inner guru.

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