Vision of a Waterfall during Meditation.

Millaa Millaa Falls, Queensland, Australia

(I had the following vision while meditating at yoga class on Wednesday 22nd October 2019.)

The yoga teacher asked us to visualise a peaceful clearing in a forest. As I began to visualise this, I saw a lake in a forest surrounded by trees. On the left side of the lake was a tall waterfall. Sitting cross-legged on the grass near the edge of the lake was the white-robed monk and beside him was the wolf – both of whom had appeared in my previous visions. I smiled at the monk and he returned my smile. He then levitated off the ground. I rose into the air too and floated over the lake. I remember moving my hands in various gestures and visualising the golden inverted triangle. Little of significance happened that I can remember as I did this. However, I then floated over to the waterfall; I think the monk directed me to do this. I stood beneath the waterfall and the water showered over me. The water was pleasant, neither hot nor cold. My perspective changed. I still stood beneath the water fall, but I could see myself standing there. As I watched myself, I saw the water change colour from blue to purple and in the purple water shone luminescent golden points of light. I had the thought then that this was an aura waterfall which was washing into my own aura and strengthening it. The vision ended.

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