Another Vision While Meditating.

Cable beach WA
Cable Beach Western Australia.

I experienced the following vision during a recent guided meditation session in a Hatha yoga class. It occurred two weeks after the previous vision I had of the monk in the Japanese garden ( see A Vision Experienced While Meditating).

I was lying in shavasana. The yoga teacher asked the class to visualise a series of images as she said them in quick succession, such as a sun rising, a tree in a forest, three birds flying overhead, a crescent moon etc. I visualised these places and objects as she said them. Then she asked us to visualise a vacant beach and waves lapping on the shore. I visualised the beach and the waves lapping on the shore. I looked down the beach with the waves on my left. I then turned around and looked down the opposite end of the beach with the waves lapping on my right. Farther along the beach, I saw the bald-headed monk, wearing the white robes with the yellow inverted triangle on his forehead, whom I had seen previously in the Japanese garden. He sat meditating, in a crossed-legged pose, levitating one or two feet above the sand. He opened his eyes, looked at me and smiled. I felt myself levitate off the ground and mimic his cross-legged pose.

He unfolded his legs and began to walk towards me. When he was close to me, he raised his hand and touched my forehead. I then saw my own face with a yellow inverted triangle on my forehead like the monk’s one.

At this point, the yoga teacher asked us to cease the meditation and sit up in simple cross-legged position. I came out of the meditation and did as she asked. However, as I pushed myself up and crossed my legs, I saw an image of the monk performing the same action a small distance directly in front of me. I placed my palms together, in front of my heart centre (anahata chakra). As I did this the monk also placed his palm’s together. The monk’s body then moved backwards towards mine and super imposed itself over my own body. I felt we were no longer separate.

This part of the vision was an intense experience, particularly as I perceived it while my eyes were open. It wasn’t frightening, but it was unnerving. It could have several meanings. At present, I interpret the monk as an aspect of my higher self; perhaps a bridge to a higher level of consciousness. Also Buddhist monks often wear white robes during initiation. Perhaps the monk’s white robes refer  to my own initiation of some kind. I will wait to see if I experience any other visions in the future before trying to interpret this one further. They may clarify its meaning.

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