The Soul II

Hubble_Interacting_Galaxy_NGC_7674_(2008-04-24)…And God created many souls. And each soul sent its mind and body into the universe to learn of God’s creation. And the minds and the bodies traveled far, and the souls learned much. But over time, some minds forgot their souls. They lost their way, for the universe was impure and held much distraction. They wandered blindly, beholden to their bodies. And the souls whose minds had lost their way cried out in anguish, for their minds could no longer hear them.

God watched and was dismayed by what these minds did. Yet He took pity on them, for they were ignorant. They were unaware of what they did to themselves and to God’s creation. And in His pity, God gave these minds a gift to save them and guide them back to their souls. God showed them the straight path.

The Straight Path: A Religious Guide to Finding and Fulfilling One’s Purpose, Book I, pp. 1-2.

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