The Benefits of Purpose.

Walter Withers, The Drover, 1912, Bendigo Art Gallery

The benefits of purpose are many. The following passage from The Straight Path highlights some of these benefits:

Blessed are those who accept their purpose. For purpose endows the mind with strength. It feeds determination and acts as a support for the will when the will falters. It is a barrier against fear when fear tempts the mind to vice. It is the foundation of virtuous action. When purpose is achieved, the length of a life becomes meaningless because the soul, the mind and the body are fulfilled. Blessed are those who serve God and achieve their purpose.

The Straight Path: A Religious Guide to Finding and Fulfilling One’s Purpose, p. 4

Once the mind and the body accept their purpose, they no longer need to push themselves to fulfil it. Instead purpose begins to pull them. It grows stronger over time. It supports and influences the thoughts of the mind and the actions of the body in order for it to be fulfilled.

The benefits of fulfilling one’s purpose are many. Purpose strengthens the mind and the body. It gives to the mind certainty in its thoughts. It gives to the body certainty in its actions. Purpose lessens the fear of death. The fear of death is the fear that the mind and the body have wasted their life. Those who fulfil their purpose know their life has not  been wasted.

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