The Prophets III.

‘The Ascent of Muhammad to Heaven (Miraj)’, by Sultan Muhammad, created 1539-1543.

Carefully read God’s Message in the words of the prophets. It shall strengthen and purify your mind by directing your thoughts towards virtue and away from vice. It shall direct you towards the straight path. Close your ears to the words of false prophets. To those who claim right is wrong and wrong is right. To those who claim God’s Truth is a lie. False prophets lie to confuse the innocent. They wish to deprive the innocent of purpose so as to enslave the innocent. They hate God for His Truth grants freedom. They are hypocrites! God has set the fate of the false prophet. Better it would be for the false prophet to cut out his tongue now than to utter another lie. For God reserves His greatest punishment for the corrupt who knowingly lead others from the straight path.

Have faith in yourself. Listen to your soul. Truth is there.

The Straight Path: A Religious Guide to Finding and Fulfilling One’s Purpose, p. 10.

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