Signs II.

Eighty-Eight Diaethria anna Butterfly Landing on a Hand

Within God’s Laws lies the straight path. The straight path can be observed, but it cannot be changed nor moulded to fit our desires.

God has placed signs in the universe to show us His straight path:  a rainbow after a storm, a butterfly landing on a hand, a chance meeting with a friend and the demise of the arrogant. He has also placed His Signs in the Books of the prophets: the Scriptures, the Gospels, the Quran and other sacred texts. Read these books carefully as they are books of instruction. God has placed His Truth in these books for those who wish to find it.

Some argue God’s Laws do not exist. Some argue God’s Truth does not exist; that His Truth is what each of us believes it to be. This error distracts the mind from the straight path.

The Straight Path: A Religious Guide to Finding and Fulfilling One’s Purpose, pp. 7-8.

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