Musing 13: On the Sound of Creation.

The sensation in my skull is both a tingling feeling and a sound, which buzzes and rings. It is constantly present and has always existed in the background of my awareness, although I only became fully aware of it a couple of decades ago. I sense it when I want and ignore it when I wish.

Perhaps this sensation is the sound of creation, the ongoing echo, which the yogis refer to as the eternal ‘Om’, the sound that first came into being when the universe was created – the sound of creation itself.

Perhaps this sensation is the sound and feeling made by electrons as they speed along the neurons and connecting synapses in my brain.

Or perhaps this sensation is both ‘Om’ and a product of the movement of electrons. For are not electrons a physical manifestation of thought, and is not thought the essence of creation?

I sometimes meditate upon this sensation. The more I focus upon it, the stronger it grows, and the more it encompasses my awareness, until it shuts all else out. It is a wave of presence that builds and builds. It becomes so overwhelming that I grow fearful of it, until I am too scared to perceive it any longer. At this moment, I am forced to turn my mental gaze away from it.

In the future, I hope to perceive this wave without flinching; to stand in the face of it, so that I may understand it.


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