The Soul

Soul BlossomIn the beginning, God took a part of Himself and shaped it into the eternal and divine soul. From the soul, He fashioned the mind; and from the mind, He molded the body. Each is connected to the other and responsible for the other.

To the soul, God gave authority over the mind and to the mind He gave authority over the body. This was the natural order set down by Him. It was just for the soul is pure and the mind and the body are not.

And God said to the soul:

“I give you this mind and body to learn of My creation. Only by strengthening them shall you learn about the universe and draw closer to Me.”

From its creation, the soul desired to fulfil God’s will by being truthful and just for the soul knew that God cares for truth and justice above all things. God blesses the truthful and the just as they nourish His Creation.

The Straight Path: A Religious Guide to Finding and Fulfilling One’s Purpose, Book I, p. 1.

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