The Quran and the Straight Path

Ibn_al-Bawwab_-_Qur'anic_Manuscript 11th Cent Sura 91 to 94
Ibn Al-Bawwab, 11th Century Quranic manuscript, Suras 91-94 (One of the earliest existing examples of the Quran written in cursive script).

The Quran contains numerous references to the straight path. The following passage was of particular interest:

Such is the path of your Lord: a straight path. We have made plain Our revelations to thinking men. They shall dwell in peace with their Lord. He will give them His protection as recompense for what they do.

The Quran 6: 126-127

This passage was significant because it makes the point that God is watching over those who walk the straight path and protects them as recompense for their virtuous acts. This protection is not necessarily protection of the body against physical harm, but rather protection of the mind and the soul against mental and spiritual harm. Happiness and salvation can be achieved if the body is harmed, but not if the mind and the soul are harmed through vice and wrongful acts.

The mind must love itself to love others. And the mind must love itself to be happy. But the mind cannot be happy if it is disgusted by its own deeds.

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